Dance events

Dancing is the perfect way to meet new people and enjoy live music together. It brings joy and promotes good health! That’s why Kompaszaal enjoys collaborating with dance schools and organizations that offer their visitors an immersion in their culture through their dance classes and events

Below, you can explore the dance organizations for swing, rock ‘n roll, tango, and salsa, or browse through our Calender for dance and music events

Swing Dance

Swing Philosophy


Swing dance is an umbrella term for several African-American jazz dances from the 1920’s – 40’s. Most popular ones are Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag and Solo Jazz. Swing dance is the best way to socialize, exercise and have fun at the same time!

Swing isn’t only a dance, it’s a way of life! Sharing endearing moments and showing your real face during a dance. Those who dare to embrace this way of life know the uplifting effect. Swing Philosophy aims to share that with as many folks as possible. They do that by offering weekly courses, parties (with live music) and workshops. All the classes can also be done as drop-ins! So you do not need to register, just drop in!

Rock ‘n Roll

At Gel you learn the real rock ‘n’ roll dancing from the fifties. The association (since 1984!) is known in Amsterdam and far out. Gel gives courses at different levels so that anyone can learn. After class there is a social dance where you can put your moves to practice or just have a drink. Each course period is concluded with a dazzling party in style with a live rock ‘n’roll band. Gel dances on Tuesday evenings, come and have a look!


Argentine Tango



Argentine Tango was born amongst poor immigrants in tenement houses on the borders of the Rio de la Plata (Uruguay and Buenos Aires-Argentina) in the early 1900’s. It’s most known instrument is the bandoneon. The music and the dance are a mix of different rhythms and styles with Latin, African and European influences. From there tango evolved to what it is today: a spontaneous, intense and improvised dance based on walking with your partner in an embrace.

Come together in an embrace, meet people and share your passion. Exotic and social, sensual and cozy, worldly and intense: it’s all Argentine Tango! Tango11 organizes a milonga (social dance) every third Sunday of the month, and a yearly international event (marathon).




Sabroso Amsterdam presents one Saturday per month: SalsAlive with live band!