At KZ we make space work for your purposes. Whether it’s a flex-workingspot, meeting room, dance studio, an evening reception, your wedding, birthday, anniversary or anything else, we have the means to an end with our rentals. For a specific event, please check Your Event

KZ Ballroom

Welcome to the former passenger terminal of the Royal Netherlands Steamship Company!
An iconic space of 500m2 that will make every event feel special. A retro style suitable for any occasion, especially for those big moments in life: weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries. The spacious bar, lounge area and dining hall each has something unique to offer, something that you won’t find anywhere else in Amsterdam

KZ Lobby

The KZ Lobby (180m2) has a more stately character and is very suitable for evening receptions, dancing classes and other type of events. Please reach out and let’s make your vision happen

KZ Studios

Our two studios (25m2 each) are perfectly suited for dancing classes, yoga, music lessons, personal training or anything else you would like to try. €15 per hour, continuous rental possible